Create a Magickal Sigil

The term 'sigil' is derived from the Latin word sigillum, meaning 'seal'. Sigils have been part of magical practices since the Neolithic ages and  were used in medieval magick to represent spirits that a practitioner wished to summon. A well-known list of sigils is taken from the Lesser Key of King Solomon, a grimoire containing a list of seventy-two sigils and the angels or demons each sigil represented. These sigils were believed to be the true name of the entity and would allow the practitioner control over the spiritual being.

But what exactly is a sigil?

A modern-day sigil works a little differently from historical sigils because they do not represent the name of a spirit. A contemporary sigil is created based on the philosophy that we co-create our own reality. Your sigil will be a unique symbol created for one specific purpose: to express and manifest your desires. You can think of a sigil as being a magical monogram that represents a specific intention or desired outcome.

How do sigils work?

Many things enter the mind, but not all things are placed there intentionally, nor does everything take root and result in transformation. A sigil is a symbol that our minds can’t understand or analyze, so it bypasses the conscious mind and plants a seed in the unconscious.

Sigils are created to be abstract symbols that are unrecognizable from the original concept. On sight, a sigil may just look like a simple scribble. This is intentional so that the conscious mind can’t make sense of the image it sees. A sigil is a message to our unconscious mind and a signal for transformation.

Sigils are given power from the energy and intention behind them. The symbolic nature of a sigil allows it to surpass the limits of our conscious, thinking minds and implant in our subconscious mind, where it can seep into our essence and align us with our desires.

How can these sacred scribbles serve us?

Creating a sigil can:
Help achieve your goals
⛥ Help co-create your reality
⛥ Be used to enchant items
⛥ Empower spell work

⛥ Fulfill your desires
⛥ Help you to feel empowered
⛥ Help make you more responsible for your choices and actions.

Now, let's make magick!

Creating a sigil is a simple and creative process.
You’ll need:
A desired outcome or intention
⛥ A pen or pencil.
⛥ A piece of paper

First, cleanse your space with smoke, sound, or your preferred method of energy cleansing.

Clearly define your intention:
Before creating a sigil, have a specific and clear intention in mind. Use one sigil for every intention, but do not create more than one sigil at any given time, and do not ask for things that are impossible to manifest.

1. Write down your intention:
Write down your intention as a sentence or phrase. Keep the message as clear and concise as possible. You should write your sentence in the positive present tense.
“I am…
“I have…
Avoid starting your intention with phrases like “I want…” or “I need...”

2. Simplify the sentence:
Method One: Remove all the vowels then remove duplicate letters from your sentence.
Method Two: Take the first letter of each word then remove any repeating letters. (Click here to watch a beginner's guide to making a sigil) 🪄📜

You will now have the core of your intention.

3. Create a symbol with the remaining letters:
Arrange the remaining letters into one symbol. Be creative and let your intuition guide you in layering each letter into a single symbol.

4. Alter and enhance your sigils:
You can alter or enhance your sigil based on the shape you create it in.
- A sigil created in a square represents strength, stability, and protection. A square is ideal for protection sigils.
- A sigil created in a circle is associated with progress and movement, cyclical energy, and replenishment.
- A sigil for romance or matters of the heart can be created in a heart shape.
- Any symbol you feel strongly associated with can be used to create your sigils within.

Another way to enhance the magikal properties is through color magick

- If you wish to draw in more confidence, create the sigil with orange.
- If you wish to draw in a more peaceful transformation, create the sigil with blue.
- If you wish to draw in more protection, create the sigil with black.
- If you wish to draw in more money, create the sigil with gold.
- If you wish to draw in more self-love, create the sigil with pink.

5. Charge the sigil:
Once you have created your sigil, it needs to be charged with energy. You can charge your sigil with a ritual oil, through visualization, meditation, crystal energy, sound, or any other method that feels right for you. During this process, focus your intention and energy on the sigil, imbuing it with your desire.

6. Activate the sigil:
Sigil magick works on the power of creation and release. After charging the sigil, it is time to cast it off into the universe, where it can work its magic! There are two distinct ways a sigil can release its energy.

⛥ Passive Sigils: These are sigils that produce a continuous effect and release their energy over time. After creating your sigil, you can draw it on a meaningful surface, place it in a spell bottle or keep it with you on a piece of paper. Passive sigils will eventually lose their power, so you may recharge it when the time feels right. Temporary sigils can be drawn on the body and will fade over time. TIP: use a crystal mood oil roller to draw a sigil on your body.

Placements for passive and temporary sigils:

⛥ Active Sigils: An active sigil is ‘switched on’ by being symbolically destroyed. Within its destruction, it is released to the universe.

🜃 You can destroy a sigil with earth by drawing it on a Seeded Spell Card and burying it.
Draw it in the air with a smudge stick or incense, allowing air to activate and destruct it.
🜂 Activate your sigil with fire by burning it over an open flame or carving it into a candle.
🜄 Drown your sigil in a bowl to activate it with water.

Whether you choose to create a passive or active sigil will ultimately depend on the intention of your sigil. If you seek a sigil that works over time, use a passive sigil. If you seek to see imminent change, use an active sigil.

As always, take what resonates with you and leave what doesn’t.

The method you decide to use to create and release your sigil will depend on your ultimate goal and your own unique path.

May all your sigils yield the highest and greatest good.

Blessed be!

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