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Weave magic into everyday rituals with Potion Slinger’s curated collection of high vibrational esoteric products.

It must be fate...

Welcome to Potion Slinger and the Coven Club! Here you will find a treasure trove of potions, trinkets, talismans and practical magick products for basic witches and modern mystics.

I've curated a range of practical magic products to elevate your everyday rituals. We've been inspired by age-old apothecaries and rituals to make modern magic for the soul, space and vessel.

Hocus pocus, witch you need to focus!
Our potions don't work unless you do. Your energy is the most important ingredient in any spell. Remember to add a dash of intent and focus to any magic potion.

Good to Know...

Cleansed Crystals

Green Witch Friendly

Crafted in Ritual

Good to Know...




Cleansed Crystals

Green-witch Friendly

Crafted in Ritual

All crystals used in products are all cleansed using smoke alchemy and/or salt. Whenever possible, crystals are charged under the full moon too! Each product is energetically charged full of good vibrations before being sent off into the universe.

All our products are vegan-friendly and most of our range contains organic ingredients too- bonus! All our products are handmade in mini batches so that each product is as enchanting as can be.