Seeded Spell Cards
Seeded Spell Cards
Seeded Spell Cards
Seeded Spell Cards

Seeded Spell Cards

R 35.00

Plant your intentions and watch them grow! These seeded spell cards are blooming with the magickal energy of nature.

Focus on your desired intention. Write a spell, affirmation or incantation on your seeded spell card, then plant your card in the earth. Water your card, nurture your intention and watch your seeded spell card blossom into Lavender flowers!

🌑 New Moon Ritual: The new moon is the perfect time for setting intentions for new beginnings, new habits and manifestations.

🌕 Full Moon Ritual: The full moon is a time for releasing and letting go. Use your spell card during a full moon ritual for releasing that which no longer serves you and returning stagnant energy back to the earth to be transformed.

How to plant your intention:

1. Prepare some weed free soil in a pot.

2. Moisten the paper as well as the soil.

3. Place the paper a few millimeters under the soil (or just sprinkle some loose soil over the paper.)

4. Water and keep moist during germination (but don’t drown the seeds)

5. Watch your flowers grow from the spell card!

*To ensure that the paper stays moist during germination, you can prepare the soil and paper in a glass jar and keep the lid on so as to keep the moisture in.