Moon Water for Every Phase

“The Moon was so beautiful that the ocean held up a mirror.” - Ani DiFranco

The Moon: Ruling our emotions and intuition, as well as the representative of feminine energy; circulating our home planet about 384 400 km away from us, it holds an ancient bond with the cycles of nature, the womb and magick. The moon is probably one of the most mystical and alluring celestial bodies in space.

For centuries, witches have made moon water to use in their practices, and it has become especially popular these days with the modern mystic. 
Creating a lunar infusion allows you to capture and store the energy of the moon to use in your spellwork and rituals. In its most simplest form, moon water is water that has been programmed by the energy of a specific moon phase. But making moon water is a little more than just putting water under the moonlight, it is a ritual that should be imbued with intention.

How to make moon water:

1. Select a vessel:
The vessel you use for your moon water can be anything you have on hand, like a cup, a reusable water bottle, or a special vial or jar. Whatever works for you and your practice is what is best.
🌙 Plastic is an insulator and will limit the amount of energy that can penetrate the water.
🌙 Glass will allow more of the moon's energy to enter the water.
2. Cleanse the container inside and outside with your choice of cleansing tools.
3. Fill with water: add filtered water if you intend to ingest or cook with your lunar infusion, but any water will usually do. You can use rainwater, stormwater, or spring water to capture specific energy, or just good ol' tap water.
Optional: add water-safe crystals to your water, or add moon glyphs or a sigil on or under the container to amplify your desires.
4. Set your intention for the water through visualizing or meditation. You can call on Selene, the Greek goddess of the Moon to aid in your infusion.
Optional: Anoint a candle with a ritual oil from top to bottom. You can carve your moon glyphs or sigils into the candle too. Melt the bottom of the candle onto the top of your jar and light the candle with the intention of drawing the lunar energy downward into the water.
5. Place your vessel of water where it can be illuminated by the light of the moon; this can be on your windowsill or outside. Only place your jar outside once the sun has set.
Optional: offer a poem or song to the moon in gratitude for its powers.
6. Leave your vessel overnight and collect it before sunrise, or after the first rays of sun.

Witch Tip: Water is not self-preserving, so if you wish to keep your moon water for use in the future, it is best to place it in the fridge, or freeze it into ice blocks. If you plan to drink or cook with your moon water, use it within two to three days.

It's more than a phase...

While Full Moon water seems to get all the attention, moon water can be created any time during the lunar cycle. Each moon phase will bring its own special energy to your water. If you desire, you can align your infusions with the astrological sign the moon is in to capture the essence of the sign.

Here's how you can use moon water to co-create with the phases of the moon:

🌑New Moon:
New beginnings, manifestation and promoting growth.
Goal setting, bringing dreams into fruition and starting new projects, as well as cleansing rituals to get rid of spiritual clutter.
🌒Waxing Crescent:
When the moon is waxing, it's slowly growing from dark to light; it is a time when energies are highly magnetic!
Manifesting goals, abundance and success. Knowledge, luck and fertility.
Waxing crescent water is ideal for watering your plants and Seeded Spell Cards.
🌓First Quarter:
Manifestation, decision-making, breaking bad habits and taking action.
🌔 Waxing Gibbous:
Growth, progress, inspiration, health and creativity.
🌕Full Moon:
The moon's energy reaches its peak at full moon and this is a time that signifies completion. Full moon water is extra powerful and can be used to supercharge all kinds of intentions, spellwork and rituals.
🌖Waning Gibbous:
During the waning phase, the moon is slowly dissolving from light back to dark. Removing blockages and protection rituals, freezer spells, banishing, cord-cutting and purification.
🌗Third Quarter:
Overcoming obstacles, purification, forgiveness and to aide in letting go of things that no longer serve you.
🌘 Waning Crescent:
Gratitude, spiritual transformation, releasing and wisdom.

🌍🌙 Eclipse Water:
During a lunar eclipse, the moon moves into the shadow of the earth. This is a potent time for transformation, but heed caution! Some people believe that the energy of a lunar eclipse can be dangerous or malevolent, so if you plan on making moon water during an eclipse, be sure to set your intentions clearly and use protection to remove any outside forces at play. Eclipse water is like the Moldavite of moon waters, it can bring about radical change, which can be erratic if not used with caution and clear intent.

Uses for moon water:

Moon water can be used for a plethora of activities that are innately magical and for daily uses in your routine.
Below are 23 enchanting ways you can make use of moon water:

Most importantly, making moon water should be adapted to suit the individual, so follow your intuition for the best way to infuse moon water into your practice.

Stay magick, moon child!

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