Cast a Freezer Spell

Be it your mother-in-law, the office gossip girl or an ex that’s acting up; a magical spell can be just the trick to stop negative energy in its tracks.

Get ready spell casters, today we’re performing freezer spells!

Freezer spells are quick, simple and highly effective, if done correctly. These are ideal spells to use when you need to stop gossip, nasty attitudes or bad vibes coming your way from a specific person.

Freezer spells are a common practice in hoodoo. They are often called ice box spells, and used to keep someone quiet in court, to freeze the actions of a rival or to stop gossip. Freezer spells have been used for ages for one simple reason- they work!

Ready to get casting?

Here’s how to perform an effective freezer spell.

How to cast a freezer spell:

A freezer spell is best cast on a Tuesday*. 

Putting a person in your freezer is an effective way to keep them out of your way. Use this freezer spell when you want to stop someone’s negativity and give them a little saltiness in return.

  • Use black ink to write the name of the person you’d like to ‘freeze’ on a piece of paper. Be specific. If you have an object belonging to that person, like a piece of hair, add this to the jar. 
  • Intention is everything. Affirm that the situation has been resolved and envision it as already being so.
  • Fold the paper away from you.
  • Add to a glass jar and fill with moon or tap water.
  • Add vinegar, salt, black pepper, cayenne pepper and/or lemon to the mixture and stir anticlockwise.
  • You can add a piece of Obsidian to enhance your spell.
  • Wrap the jar in a piece of foil, with the shiny side facing inward. This will reflect the person’s words or actions back on them.
  • You may choose to seal your spell jar by dripping black candle wax over the lid.
  • Place your jar in the back of the freezer and forget about it.

Do not remove the glass jar, if you do, allow it to thaw out in sunlight before disposing of its contents.

Whenever casting any type of spell, always be sure to follow the law of karma. Do not practice any spells with negative intention and always ensure that you work for the highest and greatest good for all involved.

*Why cast on a Tuesday?

The ancient Romans called Tuesday ‘Martis’, after the warrior god Mars. Tuesday is named after the Norse god ‘Tyr’, who was the deity of heroism and combat. The energy of a Tuesday is ideally aligned with asserting yourself. This is a day for resolving conflict with your enemies and a powerful day for protection spells.

This said, you may choose to perform a freezer spell on any day of the week. Do what feels right and resonates with you! Happy casting!