Love Potion Ritual Oil
Love Potion Ritual Oil
Love Potion Ritual Oil
Love Potion Ritual Oil

Love Potion Ritual Oil

R 185.00

Love Potion ritual oil is made with fragrant floral notes of Neroli, heart-opening Rosewood and sensual hints of Black Pepper. This cold-pressed potion is infused with Rose Quartz crystals and Rose petals to enhance love spells, elevate self confidence and sensuality and channel divine feminine energy.

💖Use to anoint the body in ritual or as an intentional body oil to drench yourself in the vibration of love.
💖Use to anoint candles, magical petitions, altars and talismans.
💖Use as a bath oil for a ritual bath.
💖Add to an oil burner to infuse your sacred space.

Love Potion Ingredients:
Calendula, Organic Jojoba, Essential Oils of Neroli, Organic Black Pepper, Rosewood, Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Rose Quartz crystal, Rose Petals
Enchanted with a blessing for love and 528Hz frequency


🧙‍♀️ Witchy Wisdom: The original recipe for Love Potion is over 10 years old and has remained the same ever since it was first brewed in the cauldron.

🪄 Wish to co-create a customised crystal ritual oil?
Send me an owl and let me know what your dream crystal ritual oil will be: Ritual oils can be customised to suit your intentions and spell work. Custom oils can be created with up to 3 different essential oils, 2 dried botanicals and a blend of up to 2 different crystals chips.