crystal hair comb
rose quartz hair comb
crystal hair comb
rose quartz hair comb

Crystal Energy Comb

R 600.00

This must be how mermaids comb their hair!

Quartz crystal hair combs cleanse your energy field while removing stress and stagnant energy. Combing therapy promotes blood circulation to the scalp to stimulate healthy hair growth for silky, shiny mermaid-like locks.

Combing therapy has been performed for centuries in ancient China as part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Combing works along the energy meridians of the body to balance life force energy, known as ‘Qi’.

This crystal energy comb makes a precious keepsake to adorn your crystal collection for years to come. 


  • Stimulates the energy field
  • Reaffirm beauty goals
  • Combs away stress, tension and stuck emotions and thoughts
  • Restores a sense of balance, peace and harmony
  • Relief from tension and headaches
  • Increases the flow of microcirculation to the scalp
  • Stimulates the scalp for healthy hair growth


Gentle massage the scalp with the teeth of the comb to stimulate and increase circulation to the hair follicles. Work the comb across the scalp and through your hair to detangle and smooth strands.

Use your crystal energy comb with a Ngwedi Beauty hair serum for best results.

8cm Handcrafted crystal comb. Every comb will be unique, just like you, due to its natural source.