Tesseomancy- Tea Leaf Divination


Come on future, spill the tea.

Tesseomancy (or tasseography) is the art of divination by reading tea leaves in a cup, sometimes coffee grounds and wine sediments are read too.

If Tesseomancy sounds like a class at Hogwarts, that’s because it is. Tesseomancy was taught as part of the divination course at the fictional magic school attended by Harry Potter.

Ronald Weasley: "Right. What can you see in mine?"

Harry Potter: "A load of soggy brown stuff." 

- Harry's first attempt at Tesseomancy, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Tesseomancy is a simple, highly affordable and deeply profound way of seeking knowledge of the future. This divination art has been practiced all over the world for centuries. Tesseomancy is believed to have began in 17th century China and it's popularity grew to Europe via the tea and coffee trade routes where it was adopted by travelling gypsies.

Tessomancy involves identifying symbols and shapes formed by tea leaves and interpreting them in light of a specific question.

By focusing our intent on the leaves, the tea leaves become an energetic conduit that’s capable of mirroring our own experience. When interpreting symbols, one will observe the shape, color, density and placement of the leaves.

Are you ready to perform your own tessomancy reading? Then brew the kettle and let’s get divining.


How to perform a tea leaf reading:

  • Brew a cup of tea using loose tea leaves. A white or light colored cup will work best to be able to clearly see symbols.
  • Wait for the water to cool then sip the tea while focusing your energy on the question at hand. Be specific and clear in the wording of your question.
  • Sip your tea until you have about 1 tablespoon of water left in the cup.
  • Swish the cup three times in your left hand from left to right.
  • Invert the cup into a saucer.
  • Bring the cup back up with the handling facing south.
  • Study the images that have formed in the cup. You can meditate on these symbols or draw an interpretation from your own personal experience and intuition.

Interpreting the symbols will be a very personal experience. You may see numbers, letters, animals and objects. Try not to overthink the process and trust your intuition to guide you to find shapes and their meaning.

Here’s a quick guide to assist you in interpreting your tea leaves:

  • The handle of the cup represents the connection between the physical and spiritual realm. It also represents the reader.
  • The position of leaves can represent the present (the rim), the future (the sides) and the distant future (the bottom of the cup).
  • Don't rush your reading or second guess yourself. Usually the insights that come to mind first are the ones we should follow. 

Tag @potion.slinger in your next tea reading and let’s see what the future holds!

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