Meet the Coven- Ngwedi Beauty

Your hair is your crowning glory and the spiritual significance of hair is celebrated across a diverse number of cultures and religions. For the modern mystic, a good hair day can elevate your entire mood.


I first connected with Gugu from Ngwedi Beauty on Instagram. Her spellbinding hair serums caught my eye and I had to see what all the magic is about. Fast forward to today, Ngwedi's Pluto Honey hair serum is a staple in my evening haircare rituals. Her divinely crafted body and hair care products are filled with natural goodness and a whole lot of good vibrations!

Here's Gugu giving us the inside scoop on her witchy-inspired hair and body products.

Ngwedi Beauty
1. Ngwedi Beauty is such a beautiful name to say. What’s the meaning behind the name?

“Ngwedi” means moon in my mother tongue. I have always been fascinated with the cosmos and was inspired by the night sky while I was thinking of starting the business. There is magic beyond the stars, and I’d love for my customers to feel that magic when they use our products.

2. What inspired you to start the Ngwedi Beauty range?

It all started after I decided to embrace my natural hair for the first time in my life in 2016. I chopped off my relaxed ends and I instantly felt liberated, however, the next few years would be full of frustration, confusion, and disappointment. I could not find any products in stores that would adequately moisturize, soften, and grow my thirsty, kinky and thick afro-textured hair.

Once my eyes opened to the natural hair community on YouTube, everything changed. I was seeing my hair in a different light. If these people on the internet can have long, luscious kinky hair, surely so could I? It wasn’t until I started getting into all-natural DIY recipes for hair care did I really begin to understand that I didn’t have to bother with products that didn’t work for me. Slowly, as I tailored the recipes I found online and did a lot of research, things began to look up for my hair. Pretty soon I was making my concoctions for friends and family and they began to see a difference too.

Ngwedi Beauty

My journey into making skincare products is a similar story. I’ve always had super dry skin. Things escalated when I was diagnosed with eczema in 2017 and struggled to find skin care products that really helped with my chronically dry and sensitive skin.

That’s when I turned to nature once again. Discovering raw, unrefined shea butter was the best thing that happened to my skin. My eczema disappeared and my skin felt moisturised for days. I never looked back. Once again, I made my butters for my family and friends and they suggested I start selling my magical concoctions. And so, in 2021, I did!

3. What has been your biggest achievement or proudest moment with Ngwedi Beauty?

My proudest moment would have to be the first time we got an order on our website that was from someone who wasn’t a friend or relative. We were ecstatic!

4. My personal favourite Ngwedi product has got to be Pluto Honey hair serum. Do you have a personal favourite or hero product from your range?

That’s a tough question, as I love all my babies! But, to answer your question, my favourite Ngwedi product would have to be Pluto Honey. I had been using it for years before it became I product that I sell. I can’t get enough of the energising Peppermint scent, and my naturally rough hair elongates and softens like nothing I’ve seen before. It truly is magical to me.

The Witch’s Brew Nettle & Hibiscus Hair Tea is a close second. My hair has never been this long or thick and that’s all thanks to those two extraordinary herbs!

5. What does your ultimate Ngwedi self care ritual look like?

Starting with the skin, I begin by cleansing with some African Black soap. I then apply Pure Magic to my face and Bye Bye Bad Vibes to my body for that creamy citrus cloud that I often get complimented on. 

Moving on to the hair, I section my hair, usually into 6 sections. I then apply my Witch’s Brew Nettle & Hibiscus Hair Tea to moisturize my thirsty hair. I seal in that moisture with a serum (usually Pluto Honey, but I do like to switch it up). I then style my hair however I’m feeling that day.

If I have braids in, it’s easier to reach my scalp and so I’ll give it special attention with the Witch’s Brew and apply serum.

I wash my hair with soap nuts, which are actually berries from the Sapindus Mukorossi tree. They are gentle, cleansing and don’t harm the environment.

6. If you could describe Ngwedi Beauty in just three words, what would they be?

Natural, down-to-earth, and pioneering

7. The Witch’s Brew hair tea is such a unique product, can you tell us what it’s about?
Ngwedi Witch's Brew

I came across the idea of hair tea years ago while I was researching DIY hair moisturisers. Up util this point, I was just using water in my spray bottle, since water is the ultimate moisturiser. However, I learned that herbs can play an important role in hair care. Film-forming humectants for attracting moisture; saponins for cleansing; amino acids for imparting strength in hair strands…the list goes on of elements of hair care that I was missing by not including herbs in my hair care routine.

And so I started mixing various herbs together to make hair teas for various purposes. The Witch’s Brew Nettle & Hibiscus Hair Tea is just the beginning…

8. If you could gaze into a crystal ball, what does the future look like for Ngwedi Beauty?

I see new product development and increased brand awareness in the future of Ngwedi Beauty. I hereby speak it into existence!


If mermaid-like hair that's big on texture, softness and shine is on your wish list, Ngwedi's hair serums are here to help you achieve your hair care goals. Head over to the Coven Club to bag a super natural hair serum and Witch's Brew hair tea- you'll thank me later. ;)


Images supplied by Ngwedi Beauty.