Meet the Coven- Green Fairy Products

Come step into the magical world of Veronica from Green Fairy Products! A world filled with fairy dust, natural skincare and crystal-infused self-care products made with a buffet of offerings from Mother Nature herself!


I discovered (ok, stalked!) Veronica's Instagram page last year soon after launching Potion Slinger. I immediately fell in love with her enchanting offerings of natural self-care products, and her crystal-infused Hamsa soaps caught my eye. I mean, a product made with crystal therapy, colour magick AND aromatherapy? What's not to love? After connecting with Veronica and ordering my first batch of soaps for the Coven Club, I knew this magical green fairy would be the perfect being to bring the Tarot Bath Bomb to life- the rest, is synchronicity and I'm so honored to include Veronica and her magical Green Fairy wares on the Coven Club's virtual shelves!

With that, let's meet the fairy behind this whimsical brand and find out what makes her wings flutter!

Green Fairy Products

The name Green Fairy Products suits you to a ‘T’! Can you share the inspiration behind the name ‘Green Fairy’?

I have always had a fascination with farie folk and all things of the natural world. As a child playing in the garden fuchsias were real fairies, climbing trees, eating berries, finding crystals and catching frogs was my world.

How did your adventure into the world of natural cosmetic formulation start?

As I teenager I went to many of Margaret Roberts in person workshops and was enthralled but all the natural products she would make using herbs and essential oils. I then went on to study somatology where the sciences of cosmetics was part of the curriculum and the specialized in therapeutic Aromatherapy and Holistic therapies. Immersing in creative expression is how I bring what I’ve learnt over two decades together in my products.

I LOVE your crystal-infused Hamsa soaps! You use crystals in some of your other magical products too, what are the benefits of using crystals in your self-care rituals?

Crystals each have their own vibrations and particular frequencies. Since everything is energy, crystals have the ability to assist our own energy field in different ways. The first Quartz watches and early radios used real Quartz Crystals to help keep time and amplify radio frequencies. So crystals are tools that can assist us in balancing, healing or amplifying our own frequencies.

Tiger's Eye Hamsa SoapRose Quartz Hamsa Soap

What does a day look like in the life of a Green Fairy?

Family life is very important to me, so seeing to the kids in the morning is what forces me out of bed. Haha I’m not a morning person at all. Once they have been seen off to school I allow myself space and time to focus on what it is that I need in order to get into either creative flow or get geared up to make products and get orders out for the day. It had been quite a process to trust my feminine flow in the dance between doing and being.

You make the most gorgeous natural self-care products, but what does your own self-care ritual look like?

Honestly mine changes depending oh how I feel, my mood, the moon and the seasons, so it’s never a set or rigid thing.
I love is making sure that the products I use on my skin and hair are as natural as possible, hence why I created Green Fairy Products. Salt baths and/or a bath bomb is my ultimate luxury, weekend relaxing me time. I sneak one in here and there in the week if my days are just too hectic. I became a complete soap snob when I started making soaps… shop bought just doesn’t compare. And I love using a different one every time. Hamsa soaps are a clear favorite in my house all round.

I know this is such a tough one to answer, but do you have a personal favourite product or products? Why do these products have a special place in your heart?

The Magnesium salts is the product that stared it all, so that will always be special. When it comes to the soaps I love changing it up each time so it’s hard to pick an ultimate favorite, but like I said Hamsa soaps are a winner. My haircare products are a must and I love my basic skincare routine morning and night.

What are some of the most memorable moments on your journey with Green Fairy? Do any achievements or milestones stand out to you?

Wow this is a difficult one, there has been so much growth, change and momentum with Green Fairy, but will try give a few top highlights. Formulating a SPF for Sarah Ferguson’s world record swim around Easter Island that lasted the full 19 hours in the water was a very proud moment. Collaboration work with brands Like Potion Slinger is so aligned with my intentions for 2022. Having my products sent overseas in bulk is such an honor. Working with Odyssey Magazine as part of their promotional subscription for this year is an honor. Seeing how much potential this little brand has is always awe inspiring. For me it’s truly about being a catalyst for change and the feedback on how these products have helped so many is what keeps me going.

We have recently collaborated on a magical Tarot Bath Bomb which has been super popular! The two of us have a new magical collaboration in the mix, do you want to be the first to share a few hints on what we are planning?

Hehe! All I can say is that it’s magical and when our ideas collide it results in such beautifully intentional products that others really fall in love with. Who knows what the crystal ball holds in store! 🔮

Do you have any magical spells or favourite fairy rituals you’d like to share with the Coven Club?

I absolutely love cacao rituals. Listening to hz frequncy or high vibrational music, and incorporating incense and crystal therapy into my spaces. Blue water is a tool I like to use to freeze negative vibes. And burning herbs or words that need to be released is something I do when I feel the need from time to time. I also like making moon water when I feel drawn to.


I hope you've enjoyed discovering the magical world of a real Green Fairy with me! Pop into the Coven Club or Green Fairy Product's website to sprinkle some fairy dust over your own self-care rituals!