Meet the Coven- Dainty Mystic

coven /ˈkʌv(ə)n/ a group or meeting of witches

Hands up if you love candles and crystals! Yup, me too, which is why I adore Dainty Mystic’s affirmation candle range so much that they’ve made it into our Coven club!

I discovered Dainty Mystic via her Instagram page and could almost smell the sublime scents of her candles through her feed. After reaching out to Andrea, the witchpreneur behind the brand, I soon added her energetically charged candles to the Coven collection online.

The Coven collection is a curated gathering of creative local witch babes who’s products compliment Potion Slinger’s vibe and bring more magic into everyday rituals. This is a personal collection of products which I adore and would love to share with you- and the world!

‘Nuff said, let’s chat with Andrea to find out more about her magical brand, Dainty Mystic, and her affirmation candle range.

dainty mystic

What inspired you to start Dainty Mystic?

I embarked on my spiritual journey, just over a year ago. I did a lot of soul searching and spent most of my free time practicing yoga and meditation. I love using incense and candles during my meditations and I wished I could’ve had crystal infused candles with affirmations to help me set intentions and work towards all I wanted to manifest. I searched online and couldn’t find any available in South Africa. That’s when I decided to make them and launch Dainty Mystic as my spiritual side hustle where I can help many other people who are also on their journeys of self discovery. 

Can you tell us a little more about the crystals in each candle?

I currently have 5 crystal affirmation scented candles, with the “I AM FEARLESS” being my latest one. I created each candle with affirmations and chose crystals that support each of the affirmations perfectly, in order to assist with the setting of intentions. For example, the “I AM LOVED” candle has rose quartz, the crystal of love, and the “I AM CALM” candle has amethyst, popularly known for it’s calming properties. 

Do you have a personal favorite product? Why does this product have a special place in your heart?

My absolute favourite crystal affirmation candle is the “I AM FEARLESS” one. Fearless is a word I’ve used to describe myself for as long as I can remember and the very first tattoo I got was of the word “fearless”. It reminds me that I’m always brave enough to go after my dreams and to live my truth. It also has carnelian crystals which are beautiful shades of red and orange and the delicious scent of cinnamon and vanilla makes this candle simply irresistible! 

What does your ultimate Dainty Mystic self care ritual look like?

Take a bath, Skincare, Put on some of my favourite meditation music, Light a Dainty Mystic candle, Get out my journal and check in with myself, Read a few pages of a self development book, Put on a good movie, Relax 💕

If you could describe Dainty Mystic in just three words, what would they be?

Honest, Fierce, Beautiful 

Each of your beautiful candles comes with a specific affirmation. What are some of your current favorite affirmations to work with?

“I am loved” is always the first affirmation that comes to my mind, which is also why it’s the very first candle I created. I feel like no matter how different we may be from each other, we all want to be loved deeply. So it’s important to affirm that and give that kind of love to ourselves first. 

“I am worthy”. I used to place value on myself based on the way people treated me, especially the people I loved. This led to me feeling so unworthy until I one day decided to treat myself the way I do the people I love. 

I am abundant. This is such a powerful affirmation, because abundance is everything. It’s a reminder that I am overflowing with all the good things the universe has to offer. 

What does the future hold for Dainty Mystic?

Dainty Mystic is going to change lives. It’s a wellness brand and my passion project. All I can say is...the journey has only begun ✨


Want to embark on a holistic journey of self-discovery? Then let Andrea's Dainty Mystic candles light the way! These divine crystal affirmation candles are in stock and ready to ship under the Coven Club collection. Dainty Mystic candles make thee perfect gift to yourself or your spiritual bestie.