Glamour Magic- Mirror Enchantment

Reflective surfaces like mirrors have been used for ages in all forms of magical practices such as scrying, past life regressions, shadow work and of course, glamour magick. Mirrors are thought by some to be portals to another dimension.

Mirror magic can be a powerful tool to change the way you see yourself, in turn, influencing how others perceive you. To describe our outward self can implement a change on the physical. Our outward appearance works in tandem with our inner state. Much like the saying, “as above, so below.”

Enchanting objects is an effective way to introduce beneficial energy to an object to align it with what you want. A mirror is the perfect household item to charm for more self confidence, radiance and radical self acceptance.

What is enchanting?

Everything we see and touch is made of energy. Everything has its own energy and vibrational frequency which can be changed or added to. The first step to enchant an object is to cleanse the object with smoke alchemy or sea salt. Next is to charge it with a specific energy. Charging an object can be thought of as filling up an object with an intentional energy. An object can be charged with moonlight, sunlight, crystals or visualisations. Tactical connection (touching or holding the object) and the spoken word of intent are also powerful tools to charge an item. Finally, to enchant an item is to assign it a specific magical purpose to serve. Enchanting is sometimes also called charming an object.

So are you ready to see yourself in a whole new light?

Here is my favourite method for enchanting a mirror for your glamour witch needs:

This enchantment is best performed on a Friday beneath the full moon light.
  1. Cleanse your mirror and ritual tools
  2. Light a pink or gold candle
  3. Fill a bowl with rose water. Add Rose Quartz crystals and rose petals
  4. Add a few drops of a ritual oil, like Love Potion, or essential oil of Neroli or Jasmine
  5. Wash your hands in the water while looking into the mirror. Notice what you love about yourself. You can pay yourself a compliment (or three) or simply focus on the beauty of your soul. “I have beautiful eyes”, “I have a radiant smile.” or “I like the length of my hair” are just some examples of compliments you can give.
  6. After washing, hold your hands over the mirror. Visualise a warm, radiant and loving energy flowing from your hands to the mirror.
  7. Repeat this mantra while focusing your intent:

“I shall spark and I shall be, Magnetic and magical to whoever I see.”


Whenever you need a boost of confidence or self love, use your enchanted mirror to apply your makeup, repeat beauty affirmations or to gaze admirably at your beautiful self. Makeup, hair brushes and crystals are just some of the items that can be charged to influence your outward appearance and magnetism.

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Do you enchant items for a magical purpose? Let me know or tag @potion.slinger in your next charming ritual.