Egg Cleanse Ritual

Is your energy feeling a little scrambled? Do you feel a little less than sunny side up lately? Then it’s time to perform an egg cleanse! (I promise those are the only two egg puns I’ll make in this post, so it’s safe to read on!)


Egg cleansing is an ancient, spiritual healing practice originating in Mexico and Mesoamerican culture, but there are traditions of a similar nature in Italian and Filipino cultures. The Mexican form of an egg cleanse is called "limpia de los huevos", which directly translates to egg cleansing. 

A spiritual egg cleanse is a ritual performed to rid the metaphysical body of negative, low-vibing energy, making space for more supportive, positive energy to flow. It’s a simple ritual that requires very few tools, and is easily performed by rolling a raw egg over the body.


There is no perfect time to perform an egg cleanse ritual, and it can be done at any time of the luna cycle. An egg cleanse can remove energetic blockages, purge negative spiritual attachments and be used to detect if you’ve been cursed or have an enemy.

Many people like to perform this ritual when they begin a new project, when approaching drastic change, or after a break-up with a romantic partner, friend or family member. They are especially beneficial to perform if you’ve had a string of bad luck or feel energetically drained or anxious. You know yourself best, so if you feel like something is off with your vibe then an egg cleanse can help set things back in harmony.


Why use an egg?

Eggs are symbolic of life, which means they can take on energy, and this is exactly what the egg does during an egg cleanse. When directed with intention, an egg becomes like a vacuum, absorbing detrimental energy from the body. 

Are you ready to perform an egg cleanse? Then let’s begin!

What you need:

An egg cleanse doesn’t require many tools and is best performed alone, unless performed by someone else, and in a room with an open window. Make sure you have everything you need before you get started so you can perform your ritual without interruptions breaking your focus.

  • A tall, clear glass jar or cup
  • A raw, uncooked egg (of course)
  • Water or moon water
  • Two spoons of sea salt
  • Two sticks of equal length (I usually use a pair of chopsticks)
  • A white candle
  • Incense, Palo Santo, or Sage for cleansing

Start by setting your intention and cleansing your space and ritual tools.

  • Light your incense or cleansing herbs to cleanse your space.
  • Light the white candle and set your intention. 🕯️🧘 You may wish to hold the egg in both hands and speak your intention directly to it.
  • Pass the egg through the incense smoke for a few turns.
  • Wash the egg under running water, or rinse it in a bowl of moon water.
  • Fill the glass with water (or moon water) and add a spoon of sea salt.

Your ritual is now ready; let’s start the cleansing.

  • Roll the egg over the body, starting at the crown of your head and ending at your feet. Roll in small, circular motions.
  • Trust your intuition. If you feel called to stay in a particular area of your body for a bit longer, do that.
  • Keep going until you feel like you’re done. Try to cover all areas of the body from the crown to the soles of your feet.
  • Crack your egg into the glass of salt water, and place the two sticks over the top of the glass in a cross.
  • Allow it to settle for 5 minutes. Keep the shells aside.
  • DO NOT look at your egg directly from the top; observe it from the side of the glass.
  • Notice any shapes, bubbles, strands or cloudiness in the water and around the yolk.
  • Snuff your candle and record your insights.
egg cleanse ritual

    Reading your egg is much like reading tea leaves in a tea reading. Here are some common shapes you may see and their interpretations:

    • Clear water: If you notice no unusual shapes and the water is clear, this suggests that if there was some malignant energy or conflict within you, it has been cleansed.
    • Cloudy water: Cloudy water may symbolize a draining of your life force or energy. You may be experiencing nightmares, fear, depression or anxiety.
    • Floating yolk: A floating yolk suggests there is still an unresolved issue.
    • Pointy needles or spikes: There may be a hex placed on you, either in this lifetime or a past one. There may be people around you with bad intentions towards you.
    • A bad smell or blood in the egg: This is a sign that evil is at work. You may be ill or about to experience some kind of physical or mental illness. Any blood or changes in color could also suggest that someone has placed a curse on you.
    • Small bubbles in the water: This is a sign that the negative energy was absorbed by guardian spirits, or your guardians are surrounding and protecting you.
    • Cobwebs in the egg whites: Someone is jealous and wants you to fail. It can also indicate that you're tangled up in a complicated situation.
    • Egg resembles an eye: The evil eye can be placed upon someone by another person by means of deceit, jealousy or resentment. If the yolk resemblances an eye, it suggests someone may be pushing the evil eye upon you. 👁️
    • A figure of a person or face: There might be a person in your life who is the root of your negative feeling or someone that wishes you harm.

    These are only some interpretations and shapes you may see, so use your intuition to guide you and call upon your higher self to interpret the figures and shapes that form.

    Once you are done reading your egg, it's time to flush that bad egg away.
    Add another spoon of salt to the water and dispose of the egg. Flush it down the toilet and bury the egg shells outside.

    Happy cleansing! ✨